Couldn’t say it better ourselves!

We love to hear from our guests! winter creek1Knowing you’ve enjoyed your stay is as rewarding to us as while you’re here. We just received some input from a January visitor and really appreciate his comments: “We loved it there. Would come back. Excellent place, clean, friendly good amenities.”
Many people praise us during the warmer months, so it’s nice to see that those who enjoy this beautiful time of year up here are also equally happy with their visit. Our hospitality is a 24-7, 365-days-a-year trait, proving indeed we really are an Inn for all seasons. What a treat.


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More snow? More to love.

snow heartWe do love winter here in the Catskills – and we love Valentine’s Day. But really? Another foot of snow is expected for Thursday! However, a snow day is a snow day and so we’ll just hunker down and embrace this end-of-season gift from Mother Nature during this long weekend. The skiing will be fine, the days are getting longer and, before you know it, the crocuses will be blooming – and what better reason to snuggle up with the love of your life on Friday? Enjoy.


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It’s snnnnoooowwww beautiful!

photo (21)Well, even without a ruler, it seems pretty obvious that today’s soft snow is a bit more than that half-inch that was predicted – but it sure is beautiful!  This, coupled with the storm predicted for Tuesday night will certainly make for some great skiing and snow-shoeing. Come on up and enjoy. And if you stay for two nights mid-week, we’ll even discount the second night’s stay by 50%! This is good for everything from our regular rooms, suites and even the cottages. Just enter the promo code WINTER when booking on-line, or better yet, give us a call at 845-679-8211. But hurry – Mother Nature will be shifting seasons before we know it.

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The Inn’s dancing ice appears on national television!

The cold has certainly been upon us for ice circlesthe past few days, but amid all the freezing, the Millstream created a beautiful show for us. The beauty of ice dancing in circles was even featured on ABC News. Quite a special treat from Mother Nature. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting us in winter you don’t know what you’re missing. The days are clear, the nights perfect for relaxing in front of a fireplace and the pace is nice and relaxed. And where else can you get to see ice dancing while you enjoy your breakfast?

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Peace from Woodstock…

As the New Year approaches…reflections of this past year at the Woodstock Inn flood my memory and I think of the myriad of guests I have met at the door this year…some for the first time, many repeat guests who seek the Inn out year after year for some time away from the hustle and bustle of life.  I am always grateful and thrilled to see old friends walk through the door and it makes me feel  good to know that we offer a  place of refuge and peace for them time and time again.

Like most others I take stock this time of year and pose big questions to myself about life, purpose, love and of course …. the future.  Sometimes  I wonder …what would my life be like without the Woodstock Inn?  Some of you know that it is not just a job but a way of life…an all encompassing, crazy, joyful, maddening, hectic, fulfilling, sometimes difficult  but meaningful way of to LIVE a life…would I really have it any other way?  I think not.

Peace as always…may this New Year bring it into each and every heart.



a walk in the forest

a walk in the forest/k.pignataro

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It has been a wild few days here – bitter cold, followed by beautiful snow, followed by temperatures in the 60s. Good luck packing! But really, in the hospitality peace wreathbusiness everything centers around travel and during the holidays it also includes prepping for gatherings both near and far. These dual demands can certainly be stressful but being a dependable sanctuary for visitors to Woodstock is what we do best. And it’s so rewarding. Some guests are so excited they can hardly sleep. Others arrive so exhausted they can think of nothing but sleep. But still we’re a respite to them all – a place to enjoy the quiet and calm and seek the true peace of the holidays. Enjoy the travels, wherever you hang your stocking.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like ….

Not just Christmas (although it will be here before we know it) but the whole holiday season is well upon us. tree in lobbyGuess that’s what happens when Thanksgiving comes so late in the year – just about two weeks until the winter solstice arrives!
The welcoming holiday lights are strung at the Inn and the greenery does add a beautiful touch, but nothing like sitting in front of the fireplace at night and relaxing to put things in perspective. So often this time of year people get harried and frantic and forget why they’re even  supposed to be ‘celebrating’ but a bit of R&R and down time is just the salve to rejuvenate and refresh. Come on up for a visit.

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The beauty of Woodstock in winter…

IMG_5509Before you know it the ground will be covered in snow…at least I hope so!  I was born and raised in New England and so by nature…I am a 4 seasons gal!  It’s one of the many reasons I adore living in the Catskill mountains.  We are having some glorious fall weather and I have been enjoying it while attempting to hike all 35 peaks over 3500′.  The 3500 Club requires that you hike all 35…and in addition repeat 4 of the mountains during the winter season.   Bring it on!


If you haven’t experienced the Catskills in all seasons…try it this year!  I promise you won’t regret it!  Come on up to Woodstock…take a glorious hike and then have dinner at The Bear Cafe, New World Home Cooking, Joshua’s Cafe, Cucina…no lines, no wait!   Look for upcoming specials on our FB page, TripAdvisor, Bed and Breakfast.com or if you are on our email list…you’ll get early notice about upcoming Winter specials.



You'll need a blanket!

You’ll need a blanket!

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Behind the scenes at the Woodstock Inn on the Millstream…

Many of you travel to the Woodstock Inn and never get to meet the MOST important person responsible for your stay…meet Rita, Barbara, Jacqueline, Frank, Michael, Ana, Marilla, Krystal and Olivia (missing Chaya).  These guys and gals are the reason why your room is so clean.  We get a lot of reviews …and while some may not like me (or my hair ..hahahaa) the one thing most reviewers agree upon is the cleanliness of the rooms at the Woodstock Inn!  We do NOT fool around here when it comes to your room.  This amazing staff doesn’t pretend to clean…they actually get down and dirty and scrub every inch of your room.  Sheets and towels are meticulously scrutinized during their laundering.  Our bedspreads, quilts and duvets are WASHED every time which is why the laundry room is also known as my “other office!”

ALL of them are dedicated, hard working, conscientious, honest and an absolute joy to work with!  My job as Innkeeper is about a thousand times easier because I can and DO rely on each of these individuals to do a spectacular job.  They deliver day after day…and I am eternally grateful to each and every one of them!  Please remember them when you depart and leave a gratuity…it is always appreciated!

The best damn co-workers a gal could ask for!

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Finding love in the in-box

We obviously appreciate our guests here at the Inn. But we were really pleased when a thank you e-mail to recent visitors prompted such immediate, kind responses. Nothing like opening up an in-box filled with love! Thought we’d share what some people wrote about their stay:
– Better than any 4 star hotel. It was great.
– Great place!!!
– I had a great stay and want to stay next year for the Woodstock Writers’ program.
– A lovely place.
– We LOVED the Woodstock Inn and will definitely stay there anytime we are in the area. Can’t wait to come back and see you all again.
And for all you skeptics out there, we didn’t leave out any negative comments – we simply didn’t receive any! Thanks to all our wonderful guests.  You make this so rewarding.

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